A Steve Jobs Virtual Shrine [Interactive Mega-Chart]

We all know that Steve Jobs had a monumental impact on the world. It was all put into perspective for me when I saw that quote circulating on Twitter that read, “1 person dies and a million cry, 1 million die and no one cries.” That was of course referring to all the people in Africa and around the world who die of starvation. Five people die every second from famine, but I don’t want to get off track here, so I’ll save my thoughts about that for a different post.

I did a little experiment today, and I walked around my house to see how many things I could find that are influenced in some way by Steve Jobs. Keep in mind I’m a gadget super freak, but even so, there were a ton of things. I found something in every room. When I stop to think about it, he has truly had a profoundly positive effect on my life; and I’m just one of millions of people who feel the same way.

Michael Pangilinan, a brilliant designer over at GQ, created this incredible chart. The GQ staff decided to create their own virtual shrine for Steve Jobs. According to their website, they “document every inch of his influence on the world, from the very first Macintosh to the Rick Ross lyric, I’m selling dope straight off the iPhone.” This chart is massive and interactive, so click on the link below so you can see the whole thing. This is spectacular in every way!

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Apple Founder Steve Jobs Infographic

Via: [I Love Charts]