AA USB: The Flash Drive That Doubles As A Battery

Energy consumption is one of the hottest topics in today’s news. Pretty much every day we’re seeing how the price for energy is skyrocketing. It seems especially during the winter, production of energy is most costly which in turn pushes the prices up higher and higher. I can imagine that some resourceful people are turning to candles and other energy saving solutions which surely lower the cost when the electrical bill comes.

However, the risk for a fire caused by candles is ever increasing, which could be the reason why it’s been the cause of so many houses being destroyed around the world this year. It’s a horrifying thought that most of us don’t even want to think about, but it’s the real world, and we seriously need to do something about it before we’re back in the stone age trying to make fire last for weeks.

Even though this might seem like a small solution, it could potentially have a great impact on the way we’re using batteries. Pretty much everything we have that is a mobile gadget uses batteries that we have to change every once on a while. Wonchul Hwang has come up with a great idea that might help us save the world from further pollution, that is, if we’re ready to stick a USB drive into our computers to recharge them.

The AA USB is a genius solution that doubles as a fully working USB drive. You simple twist it and the USB connector slips out. All you need to do is load your files over to it, and use it as you usually do. When you’re done, the files will not only be on your USB drive, but twisting it again will make it into a fully working, charged battery that you can use in your regular gear. That’s what I call a dual purpose! This is a concept design right now, but hopefully it will become a reality soon. We’ll keep an eye on it for sure.