abcDARIAN: It’s Never Been Easier To Learn Another Language

For many people around the world, learning how to read is on the top of their wish list. Illiteracy in the world is not only more widespread than you can imagine, but it’s also a problem that keeps countries from developing into profitable ones. With the lack of teachers and the absence of resources to build schools and classrooms, this problem is unlikely to be solved anytime soon unfortunately. However, if there was a technology that could simplify learning, we might have a chance to help people who are dreaming about learning to read and write.

abcDARIAN is a concept project that is designed to make that happen. The device itself is super simple to use, and it will help everyone, young or old, to navigate through the texts they see before them. Not only does it help you spell and read, it also helps you pronounce the words in the pace you want it to. Simply drag the two sided transparent touch screen over any text, and it will read out loud to you through the headphones.

Sandra Brügmann, the designer and developer of the abcDARIAN, is convinced that we’ll see a rapid change in the number of illiterate people in the world if we would just focus on the development of technologies that help simplify learning. With charity programs all around the world ready to invest in such technologies, it wouldn’t fall victim to the lack of funding since it would be a lot cheaper to invest in a device like this rather than build entire schools to start with.