Advanced Technology Essentials For Every Medical Facility Against Covid-19

The unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic and its rampant spread have left the world panic-stricken and in fear. Healthcare workers require critical training and smart digital devices to fight against the climacteric situation and efficiently provide care to their patients. The inevitable lack of resources in the hospitals has led to the coming together of medical and technological sectors to mitigate the impacts of coronavirus.

To cater to the situation, the World Health Organization encouraged different medical companies to come forward and introduce their innovative products that can help overcome the crisis. The major Covid-19 essentials majorly included gloves, masks, ventilators, and pulse oximeters.

However, the technology has greatly contributed towards the realization and eventually provision of monitoring solutions, by introducing devices that allow remote monitoring of patients and their vital signs.

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Wireless Nurse Call Systems And Medical Pagers

Designed to send aid signals to the caregivers, many companies, including Aidbell –   manufactured and supplied the nurse call systems. These two call buttons have become an essential device in hospitals and homes because they allow nurses and attendants to supervise their patients remotely.

The signals transmitted by the patients in need are displayed on the receiver, usually installed at the nursing stations or in hospital corridors alerting potential help to reach the right patient in time. This alert system has minimized the interaction between patients and healthcare workers, ensuring the safety of patients and their caregivers.

Monitor Screens

These monitors allow nurses to track their patients’ vitals without coming in direct contact with them. This helps mitigate the coronavirus spread and also makes it possible to keep a 24/7 check on patients.

The monitors detect the breathing rate, ECG, and oxygen levels and transmit the information to the central monitor. In case the vitals detected are critical and not normal, the doctors and nurses will receive an alarm signal urging them to move to the respective patients’ room and save precious lives in time.

The monitors are a great help for healthcare workers. They can conveniently move about the hospitals without carrying the burden of checking up on their patients frequently. The system also reduces negligence and inefficiency during stressful and demanding circumstances – COVID-19. It also averts the risks of untimely and unfortunate deaths.

Electronic Health Records

The swarm of patients coming to the hospitals during the pandemic was extremely overwhelming for the healthcare workers. Furthermore, the lack of training to deal with the sudden disease caused many mishaps. This made keeping track of patients’ records extremely difficult.

Hence the gift of technology – electronic health records was incorporated in medical facilities to deal with the ordeal, making it an indispensable essential. The HER enables nurses and doctors to record the patient’s medical history, the care provided to every patient, and patients’ recovery status.

The records give important insights to doctors and nurses about the treatment plan that must be adopted for the betterment of the patients. These can also be used as reminders regarding what needs to be done to help patients recover.

Wearable Gadgets

The wearable watch style gadgets allow immediate record keeping and access to data in emergency settings. When worn by patients, these devices track heart rates, blood pressure, and respiration; making the entire process of healthcare – from diagnosis to recovery a smooth experience for patients.

The advanced technology and digital devices are the future of the healthcare sector. They equip caregivers to monitor remotely in urgent situations such as coronavirus, help nurses organize valuable data in less time, are budget-friendly hence can be incorporated in any hospital or clinic.

Most importantly, the gadgets have endless potential to improve standards of healthcare by providing immense care to patients Therefore, they are the ultimate essentials that every caregiving institution should invest in.

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