AI Vape Kits – A Step Too Far?

E-cigarettes, or vapes, have come a long way since their invention back in 2003. From their e-liquid capacity, flavor options and different nicotine strengths, the technology has evolved as rapidly as mobile phones did back in the noughties. Vape Kits have had things like temperature control, voltage output, and different tanks for a while now.

More recently, the invention of pod kits and nicotine salts have made vaping an even more viable and accessible option for those wanting to quit smoking. However, there comes a point where new features and updates can start to become more of a gimmick than a useful function. AI vape technology is coming along in leaps and bounds – but has it gone too far?

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“Hello iJoy”

One of the more recent releases is the iJoy Avenger, a voice-activated vape that can understand voice commands to adjust your settings for you. This one is probably best known for its feature on YouTuber h3h3 Productions channel. “Is this like a car bomb or a vape?” The design makes it look a bit like Optimus Prime but some of the features are arguably quite useful. Things like saying “Auto Power” will adjust the wattage of the device to match the optimal resistance of the coil in the tank.

There are also commands that will turn the wattage up or down ten watts. The more questionable features are the ones that adjust light settings. “Turn On Light” will do exactly that, switching on the lights around the screen and “Change Colour” is self-explanatory. The thing is, any vaper will know tons of LED lights mostly just serve to drain your battery. So things like “Romantic Light” and “Music Light”, while novel, don’t really add to the functionality or primary purpose of buying an e-cigarette which for most people, is to stop smoking.

Vaping giant SMOK have created something with similar functionality to the iJoy Avenger, just without the vaping rave option of “Music Light” that the iJoy has. With most settings on conventional devices being changed with the press of a button, the SMOK i-Priv has voice commands for changing things like wattage or screen display color. Whether or not this adds value to the user experience depends on the person but most people will probably be fine with just using a touchscreen or buttons to change modes, wattage and color settings.

There are some AI vapes that have functions that actually add some real value to the user. The function of an e-cigarette is to help people quit smoking with the use of nicotine e-liquid by providing a similar sensation and habit as conventional cigarettes. The Enovap is an up-and-coming product designed to more intelligently administer just the right level of nicotine for the user. People’s needs vary throughout the day and this mod has nicotine strength curves and an app that helps you track your nicotine intake. It also allows you to adjust your flavor preference thanks to two internal tanks holding different juices.

The chipset allows you to change your nicotine level goals and use which takes away the need to estimate when you’re ready to drop a nicotine level. With the help of the app, you can see your average puffs a day, nicotine strength change over time and it allows for a more custom nicotine level than just vaping a set strength straight from the bottle. This is the sort of smart technology that will make a difference as far as ease of use for transitioning smokers.

We could hardly talk about vaping without mentioning the device that’s dominated the US market and has also now made its way over to the UK. The Juul is arguably one of the most simple vape designs available, which is part of the appeal and largely attributable to its huge success. Pocket-sized and compatible with little pre-filled flavored pods, all you need to do is click a pod into place and inhale to vape. There really is beauty in simplicity.

The issue Juul have experienced in 2018 is the trend of “Juuling” made popular by underage vapers in schools. With the pods carrying a high level of nicotine, they’re designed for ex-smokers looking for a safer alternative to help them quit. Vaping wasn’t created for underage users, much less at the high concentration of nicotine salts these pods contain.

With the FDA taking serious action to crack down on underage use, Juul has come up with a solution to help. They’ve recently confirmed they’re planning on releasing a Bluetooth enabled vape across the international market. With this Bluetooth technology, schools will be able to disable the use of Juul devices on the premises. While this won’t solve the problem completely, as students can theoretically use them outside of school grounds, it will help reduce the ability of school-age children from using these e-cigarettes.

To round up, while vaping technology and AI has come on in leaps and bounds, not all the new functionality will be a major selling point for everyone. For those who vape for the sheer joy of it, features like music lighting and auto-adjusting wattage might be worthwhile. For others, it’s just a gimmick.

The real value of these updates comes to life when they enhance the users experience for their primary function. The bottom line is, vapes were invented to be a safer alternative to smoking combustible tobacco cigarettes. Finding the best vape kits in a saturated market is tricky enough, much less sorting through the myriad of bells and whistles newer devices now include. There’s a vast array of options available these days and buying from a reputable vape shop will mean you get the customized advice you need.

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