AI, VAR, And Prominent Tech Trends Embraced By The Sports Industry

The current generation has a tech element in everything they experience or touch. For sports to be more appealing, there is a need to incorporate every technological advancement. For instance, a football fan wants to experience what a football player hears, feels, senses, and even better, how fast they kick the ball. Below are some of the tech trends that the sports industry has embraced.

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Sports Betting

While trends like VAR and goal-line technology have been introduced to make the game easier for players, there have also been advancements that have made the fan’s life fun, and this includes sports betting. Sports betting grows to greater heights every day, and now betting has never been made easier at PickATM.

Sports betting has also led to the growth of sports blogs like Bettingnews88, which provides gamblers with gambling insights like recommending best-betting sites. On these sites, all types of betting are offered online, including horse racing, rugby, and basketball, even slot games, which provide you with the best and most friendly odds.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence is a modern technology that copies human beings’ ability to sense, think and act. AI-based systems have already been implemented in major sports. Artificial intelligence in stadiums and venues is set to accelerate in 2022.

Artificial intelligence in sports aims to bring live event engagements to new levels and elevate fans’ gaming experience to higher and better levels. Currently, stadium entry, smart ticketing, and drone cameras are controlled by AI.

However, it is believed that there is vast potential and the massive possibility that all those aspects can be taken further. The advancements can either be through virtual umpires or video highlights. Artificial intelligence is also set to transform the betting industry.

Its algorithms are being used in analysis to improve the accuracy of sports predictions. There is an emergence of the data market, which has been created by high-tech companies that are selling analytical data to bookmakers. This year will bring the growth of the data market as the sports sector surveys and implements the opportunities that AI and data can bring.

Video Assistant Referee (VAR)

VAR is the most significant alteration in technology in the sports industry. It is the use of video footage to review a decision made by the head referee. Many people were not for the idea of a video assistant referee, since they felt they would have no hot issues to talk about. VAR was first tried in 2014 before being officially used in the 2018 WorldCup.

FIFA was thrilled by the impact it brought since they felt it gave 99.3 chances of making the right decision. Its success does not mean it did not come without trouble. Once it was introduced in the major leagues in Europe, people believed that VAR would work more efficiently if the decisions were made more transparent to the fans, players, and coaches.


The future of more fun in sports lies in technology. There have been several implementations of technology, but it is believed that there is still more room for performances. If you think sports are fun right now, wait until there is more incorporation of technology in the industry.

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