Good Or Bad? – AI Is Changing The Workplace For Millennials

People may be able to recognize technology, but understanding this process is a little harder. It certainly makes life a bit easier at times but can also disrupt things you are used to or make certain skills obsolete. Millennials were born at a time of exponential technology growth, making it vital for this young demographic to stay on top of certain advances like AI.

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The Positive Impact Millennials May See Thanks to AI

There are a number of companies out there that believe AI is going to create new jobs. A small number of companies were surveyed recently, and they admitted to seeing a growth in employment opportunities in more than 80 percent of their organizations.

Of course, it is important to note that these opportunities require candidates to understand AI intimately, making it vital that millennials take it upon themselves to be prepared. There are a number of different ways to do this like by attending webinars related to enterprise AI just to stay on top of things.

One webinar worth mentioning is WorkFusion’s Tech Radar, which focuses on AI advancements and how it will affect intelligent automation and RPA programs.

The webinar hones in on the issues that matter the most for 2018 and beyond, like solutions being introduced to help eradicate some common automation issues still plaguing progress. As a millennial, having a deep understanding of the tools used to deal with common intelligent automation is important.

Furthermore, the speakers are going to dissect not only how these technologies are going to help but how they will work, making millennials even more efficient in their positions.

Common enterprise automation problems will also be discussed as well as the solutions being introduced through AI’s advancements. The webinar is going to split technologies into two categories: the tools available now versus those that will be available in the near future.

Now, it is important to note that ‘near future’ means there are tentative dates when these tools are going be available. These dates will be shared during the webinar to help prepare those who attend.

Ensuring that this young generation can keep up with AI through informative webinars is a good thing because it should make the workplace even more specialized, which pushes the industry forward.

Fears That Some People Have Regarding AI

It is clear that AI can definitely change the workforce and create a number of different jobs, from learning to work alongside software to improve it, but that does not mean there is not a dark side.

The most obvious issue some have with AI is how hard it might hit the low-skilled workforce of the country. A number of people rely on simpler tasks to make a living. Many of these tasks may be reduced or completely replaced by AI at some point, which could put some of these individuals in a very difficult position. Another survey shows that many of the jobs opening up for millennials can actually be automated by the year 2055, which only gives some of the people within this demographic job security for 20 years and that is not long.

The threat of redundancy is also very real. A number of jobs that are opening up for millennials may seem antiquated in a short span of time. This makes it imperative that millennials learn to adapt or risk being left behind rather quickly. This means young professionals may need to make time to go to school or take additional classes while working, which can cut a millennial’s time dramatically compared to older generations.

People who are scared of what may happen if AI is able to automate almost all of the jobs out there should rest easy knowing there are a number of ideas out there that may make life less stressful. For example, Finland has introduced universal basic income, and there are a number of places around the world partaking of this experiment, like San Francisco in the United States.

The idea behind this concept is that the government is going to supply families a basic income if they are unable to make it on their own.

Yes, there are a number of people in power who are against some of these policies, especially those on the right, but automation may make it hard to find low-skilled work, and these individuals still need to live. Part of the social contract made between citizens and their government involves the government creating solutions for the issues plaguing society.

Those who believe that AI is going to have negative ramifications may have a point, but that does not mean it will not create positive changes, too. All progress disrupts the present and sometimes even replaces it, but progress is unstoppable, so millennials and other generations will simply have to adapt.

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