Alarm Clock That Gives You An Electrical Shock To Wake Your Butt Up

Think of this as a last resort alarm clock. We’ve written about tons of alarm clocks that promise to wake your butt up in the morning, and if you’ve tried them all and you still can’t pry your eyes open on time, this alarm clock that administers an electrical shock should definitely do the trick. If you hit the snooze button, you’ll be shocked into sensibility, and you’ll suddenly be very awake. Sounds like a peaceful way to wake up, doesn’t it?

For people who are late to work or school everyday because they can’t wake up on time, a little electrical shock in the morning might be just what’s needed to jolt their feet out of the bed and onto the floor.

This alarm clock called Good Morning Sing N Shock was created by a 19-year-old student who was sick of being late to class each day. Sankalp Sinha wanted to create something that would surely get him out of bed on time since being late was so frustrating. The way it works is simple. When the snooze button is hit, the fingers are met with a supposedly harmless electric current. This tiny current is under one volt. Just to put it into perspective, the police in America use 50,000 volts in a Taser gun.

The electrical shock feature on this alarm clock is optional. So, if it’s a Saturday morning and you want to allow yourself to hit the snooze button without getting zapped, you can turn the feature off before you go to sleep at night. Sankalp is currently working on getting his electrical shock alarm clock mass-produced. It’s not available yet, but soon you may see it in your local stores. I have to admit, the sleek design of this alarm clock is very appealing. I wonder what the long term health effects are for having a daily dose of an electrical shock…it’s probably nothing, but dang.

Alarm Clock Gives An Electrical Shock To Jolt You Into Waking Up

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