Undies With GPS & Electrical Shock Embedded To Help In Self-Defense

In a certain part of the world where women feel unsafe, they are now taking an element of their security into their own hands. According to a report last month on The Times Of India, 96% of women feel unsafe after dark in Delhi, two-thirds have experienced sexual misconduct on the streets, and more than half feel like they were discriminated against during the division of parental property. These high tech undies equipped with GPS and an electrical shock mechanism could help improve those statistics.

I read several articles about this today, and I can’t decide if this is too extreme or right on target. As a woman living in the States, I can’t relate to the violent lifestyle some women experience in Delhi, so I cannot judge the moral aspect of these electrical shock undies. However, I can share with you this very innovative way to help add a layer of protection where it’s obviously needed.

Three engineering students (Manisha Mohan, Niladri Basu Bal and Rimpi Tripathi) came up with this idea. You can read their detailed report about it here on Techpedia. The name of these undergarments is SHE (Society Harnessing Equipment). Think of them as an anti-rape bra and panties.

Not only does this deliver a 3,800 kV of electricity to groping hands, it also comes equipped with a GPS system so the girl’s family can locate her if she gets in trouble. If the electrical shock is administered, the GPS system automatically sends India’s emergency personnel a message and contacts the girl’s family. The electrical shock can be activated up to 82 times.

Two of the engineering students who designed this are women, and their inspiration for creating this was their frustration with the government for not doing something to solve the issues surrounding women’s safety fast enough. The question is, if you felt unsafe, would you wear these? I probably would.

Would You Wear Undies With GPS & Electrical Shock Capabilities?


Via: [ecouterre] [Jezebel] Image Credit: [La Vie En Orange]