An iPhone Drawing A Day Keeps The Blogging Blues Away!

We’ve all heard the advice. If you want to get good at something, practice, right? You want to become a better blogger? Blog more. You want to become a better reader? Read more. You want to become a better tweeter? Tweet more. It really applies to almost everything in life.

Artist Kristofer Strom understands this all too well. He is already a great illustrator, but he is getting better each day. He has committed to creating an iPhone drawing (using the Sketchbook app or Brushes app) every single day.

He uploads his sketches to his blog daily, and if you look at the progression of his work, it’s inspiring. The fact that he made a public commitment to do this and he is following through each day is incredible to me, but let’s not forget, there is also something else here that is mind blowing… these sketches are all done on his iPhone!

I have no idea where people like Kristofer gets this kind of talent, but I’m right there soaking it all up. He is building quite an Internet fan base through this whole endeavor. I know I’m one of the people that looks forward to seeing his daily drawing. I see he already uploaded his drawing from today. You can check them all out on his blog at: The illustrations below are samples of his work from just the past 10 days.

[via creativereview]