An Online Tool For Easy Recipe Browsing!

We all love food! This is evidenced in all the food pictures that we see being shared on social networking sites like FaceBook and Twitter. And, why not? It’s always cool to see what our friends are having for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Cooking is fun! I don’t cook a lot, but when I do, I enjoy it. My mom is the one that is great in the kitchen. She can whip up anything. She bakes too. I guess that is why we rarely eat out, except on the weekends when mom is busy with her social obligations. What is amazing about her is that she does not need any cook book or recipe guide when she prepares the dishes. I guess everything is learned by memory. For those of us who do not possess that talent in the kitchen, a recipe guide would be our best bet.

There is a site for that which I found very interesting. It’s called Cooklet. The website allows us to not only browse hundreds of recipes instantly online, but also allows us to create our own cookbook, manage our shopping list, create our own recipes and learn to cook online. The interface is clean and shows the different recipes that have been rated by users. Another plus is that if you like the site, they offer two tools that you can download on your computer and your mobile phone.

I have included the video of Cooklet to allow you to browse what the tool offers. Check it out, who knows, it can be your kitchen aid for your next dinner party!

Image Credit [Avesun / Shutterstock]