Android Driven Oven Lets You Control It From Your Smartphone

As we have concluded before, smartphones will soon control pretty much all of our everyday gadgets. Everything will get its controls built into our smartphones. It doesn’t matter if it is an iPhone or an Android driven phone, they all have one thing in common, to control things. Practically every new app that is released takes control of something new. I guess it is a good thing. Our smartphones are rapidly becoming our personal hubs. From them, we will soon be able to run our lives from one single place, the couch. That is the worrying part. However, the good part about all this is that we will have more time for other things. No more running back and forth just to keep things in check. Just like iOS, Android has a few good apps to add to its reputation as well.

One of them comes from Dacor and is an Android driven oven that will put you in full control of what is going on. It has a huge touchscreen display on which you can even watch YouTube clips while you are cutting up the vegetables. The cool thing about this Android driven oven is of course not the YouTube integration (even though it is a nice touch). No, its the fact that you will be able to check the time, change the settings and even get notified when your food is finished cooking – and it all happens on your Android phone.

Imagine if they would have integrated a camera in this badboy. That way, you would be able to check your food through a live feed directly on your Android driven phone while you are watching the latest sports news on your couch. No more wasting time tip-toeing to the kitchen to see if your food is burning. Maybe this feature will be added on later. It would certainly be a nice addition. But for now, you can relax while knowing your phone is your complete and perfected cooking assistant. There are quite a few Android driven household products on the market right now. This one has a slightly more impressive interface than most. Well done Dacor!

Dacor’s Android Driven Oven