App Creation Flowchart For A Successful App [Infographic]

In order to create a successful app, there are a lot of factors to consider that have to be just right. Timing is one of those factors, and as far as I know, there is no one who really knows how to determine when the right time is. Sure, there are some people who have a better sense of it than others, but if someone could perfectly pinpoint it each and every time…well, let’s just say that such a person would be quite valuable. So, back to app creation. How do you create a really successful app, and what are the ingredients for it? First of all, you need to have a good idea. It need to be an idea that appeals to the millions and millions of people who are browsing the Internet and app stores around the world. Then it’s just to begin the app creation process and live happily ever after, right? Not exactly.

There is a lot more that goes into it than that. In order to create a great concept like Angry Birds or even an application that helps us in our work, it takes careful planning and a whole lot of ingenuity. And that’s not to mention coding skills, designer skills and a whole lot of other skills. Once you are done with the app creation process, you can just launch it and hope for the best, right? Not even close.

You will have to make sure it reaches as many eyeballs as possible. This means you will have to make sure people write about it on their blogs and websites so those people and their readers will start talking about your app. Word-of-mouth is such a powerful marketing approach, and once your app goes viral, there is little else you will have to do. But remember, that is after the whole app creation process is completed. And to get there, you will have to spend weeks, if not months, coding and designing in order to finish a publishable version.

Does it sound like a tedious process? Yeah, by any extent of the imagination it is. And this doesn’t even cover one tenth of what the process is really like. You will stumble over bugs and features that don’t work as you intended them to because of API updates. And don’t forget that the features you can find on an iPhone 5 don’t even come close to what exists on an iPhone 3. So as you might understand, just the app creation process alone is enough to make anyone abandon any thought of putting together an app in hopes of becoming rich.

In a fresh infographic presented by Frédéric Descamps, French app developer and astronomer, we get an inside look at the app creation process from someone who has been through every step of it. Mr. Descamps launched his Starmap app when the App Store was first launched, and he found his app at the top of the charts. He managed to capitalize on it, and today his company has grown to employ over 12 people. So if you are determined to succeed in undertaking this app creation process then by all means go ahead. Just know that the process won’t be fast, simple or forgiving. You will have to work hard and solve a lot of problems before you can even start evaluating whether or not your hard work brought something back. In most cases, it will just barely earn you enough to make the money back that you invested. But don’t give up! Take a gander at this app creation process infographic and get inspired! Once you come up with that super brilliant idea, there is no telling what success you could be headed for. Happy brainstorming!

App Creation Process For A Successful App

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