How To Know Whether To Buy A PC Or A Mac? [Flowchart]

We are actually going to take on the ongoing question whether to buy a PC or a Mac today. Don’t go thinking this article is one of those “Are PCs better or does the Mac actually outperform the PC”. It is not one of those articles at all actually. This one is more aimed towards helping you decided which one of the two is a better purchase for you. By using this decision flowchart, you will be able to determine whether you need a PC or a Mac for whatever it is that you’re doing.

There is always a storm brewing when one of these flowcharts is presented, and I don’t expect this one to be any different. The reason for that pretty much boils down to the fact that PC people and Mac people have been at it since Steve Jobs and Bill Gates got in each others hair back in the day. They started all the humbug, and it’s bound to continue for a very long time.

The flowchart presented to us is called “PC Or Mac?”, and is brought to us by PC Dial A Fix(design by jade5sparks). It is exactly what it says it is, a flowchart that helps you pinpoint whether you are in need of a PC or a Mac. Some of you know that if you’re a gamer then the PC has a lot more to offer. If you’re a Mac user, there is a lot of software that is actually running better than on the PC. So as you can see, it all boils down to what you are going to use the computer for.

You basically have to answer 4 questions, and then sum up your points and look at the end of the flowchart. Sometimes making a decision is easy, although you don’t just want a computer for one particular reason. A computer should be a tool that can perform many tasks, and that is why this flowchart could fall a little short. To decide whether to buy a PC or a Mac has never been easy, this flowchart, however, might just make it a little bit easier.

How To Determine Whether To Buy A PC Or A Mac

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PC Or A Mac Flowchart

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