Bring The ’80s: VHS Retro Skins For Your Every Gadget!

There was a time not too long ago when you had to put stickers on your laptop (or whatever gadget you wanted to put a custom design on) or draw on it to personalize it. Then came the skins that made this whole endeavour a lot more creative. You no longer had to be an artist to crank out the cool on your laptop. You could just get your preferred custom skin design and slip it onto it. In seconds you had a whole new computer to show off at your favorite cafe or restaurant.

Infectious, a well-merited and quite trendy community design company, delivers one of the most retro skins you can think of. It adds that awesome ’80s feel to your 2010 computer without as much as breaking a sweat. Don’t we all remember those BASF, RCA and Kodak VHS tapes that graced our shelves at home? They showed off our recorded movies we were proud of then.

We had carefully hand printed the titles on the lables, and I think that was the coolest interior design ever. I keep looking for stuff like it today, but I can’t find it. Everything is so refined and so proper it’s almost sickening. These title etiquettes were the height of cool then, and I can’t help but think they are even cooler now.

You can get your on Retro VHS skins for your every gadget over at Infectious for really awesome prices. They start at $14.99 for iPod, iPhone or Blackberry up to $59.99 for skateboard skins. Yeah I know! Awesomeness!