Apple Adds Projector To The MacBook Product Line

With so much going on over at the Apple headquarters, there is little that still surprises us if it comes from Apple. Apple has become a modern day game changer and we have come to expect pretty much everything they have to announce, which is probably causing us not to be overly-joyed when something else moderately cool comes along. I guess you could call the effect the “Spoiled Geek” effect. It means that no matter what Apple does or creates, they will have a hard time meeting our expectations. We have come to believe Apple can do just about anything and do it in no time at all.

But, I am sure there are things that Apple is working on that we don’t even have a clue about. That’s Apple in a nutshell. It’s when we do get a thread of news, even if it’s an unconfirmed source or just a rumor, that we build up our expectations, and those expectations are high.

Digging around in the patents that Apple constantly files, there is some rather cool stuff that can be found. Whether it is going to end up in a product or not… at least within the lifespan of the product line they have now, is up anyone’s guess. However, when you hit a patent that incorporates the current product line, things get exciting.

Newly discovered patents that Apple recently filed show something looking like a projector incorporated into a MacBook. This is a projector meant for entertainment and work. It’s quite clear what it’s supposed to do and it’s making us all excited. Could this be the new feature that Apple is working on at the moment that will give their MacBook line a new push in the right direction? Last time it was the unibody thing and now… is it time for an upgrade yet again?

Again, there is no proof this will ever happen, but it is for sure a patent filed and it’s up to Apple to mess around with it. I, for one, hope this will happen. It would truly be a cool thing. If we look at all the stuff added recently, especially the longer battery time, things are certainly heading in that direction. More battery time equals more features on a MacBook, thus leading us to think Apple will soon add the pico projector along with HDMI. We can always hope…