Apple iWatch: A First Conceptual Look [Video]

Do I even need to ask if you have heard the rumors about an iWatch from Apple being in the works? It’s pretty much everywhere and everyone seems to be excited about it. I can totally understand why. Having a curved iPhone on your wrist would be even more optimized. The security would be increased as well since it would be quite difficult for someone to steal it if it’s attached to your arm. For now, the Apple iWatch is fictional while we await confirmation from Apple about whether or not it exists.

The appeal of an iWatch goes far beyond having an iPhone on your arm. The optimized solution it provides when playing sports and being mobile in general gets a huge bump up. You would no longer have to worry about forgetting your iPhone or iPad somewhere after using it. The Apple iWatch would always be on your arm keeping track of things.

That’s another thing that the Apple iWatch could be used for, to track things. Health related tracking has always been in focus for Apple. With the Apple iWatch, you would be able to continuously monitor your heart rate among other things. All of a sudden, you have an optimized solution to monitor stress which could significantly increase your health.

So what will the Apple iWatch look like? Does anyone know? The speculation has been slim and wide all in one. Some people say it will be an iPhone attached to your arm, while other people say something new and groundbreaking is about to be unleashed. If there ever even will be an Apple iWatch, well, we’ll just have to wait and see.

YouTube user FinalCutKing uploaded a vision that might just blow your top off. It’s a futuristic concept Apple iWatch, that according to the video, could possibly be released in 2019. With all the research and development going on within holographic technology, I wouldn’t be too surprised if there would be a device that could actually project holograms while still retaining its small size. Behold the future Apple iWatch of 2019! Will it take that long for Apple to announce it? Hmm…

FinalCutKing’s Apple iWatch Concept Design




Via: [iPhone Hacks]