Apple Madness: The Dock That Holds ALL Your Apple Gadgets!

Would it be a false assumption to say that pretty much everyone in today’s modern society at some point has held an Apple product in their hands? Well, if it is, then Apple must be doing something wrong cause pretty much everyone I know is talking about Apple this and Apple that. It’s like their whole technology world revolves around Apple. It’s not hard to understand with such a strong product line. They always have something new to keep us updated and on our toes. However, there is just one problem. Aren’t we running out of connections on our computers soon? I mean, how are we supposed to plug all of these things in to keep them connected and updated?

One step in the right direction is definitely designer Yaser Alhamyari’s solution called “The Docking and Storage Base“. It’s a tray that you position underneath your display (Apple of course) which will enable you to connect three different Apple gadgets at once. And, it looks awesome at the same time. You can now, as a geek, plug in those touch screens right beside the humongous display or iMac that you’re always working on.

You will be able to plug in pretty much everything starting with an “i”. It will also save you a ton of time. Let your gadgets update at the same time. Even get them all charged and ready to go while you’re working on something on the iMac. How could this NOT be totally awesome to have?! I mean, just the look of that badboy would make any office or workstation look like you know what you are doing. It’s nothing less than geeky sexy!