Apple’s 1984 Ghostbusters Campaign Is Worthy Of A Geek Award

There have been plenty of geeks in our timeline of world history. It’s not always easy to spot a geek these days since being a geek today borders on being a hipster as well. You kind of have to know the person in order to know if their mind works like a true geek, or if they’re just out to grab some attention by being a hipster. Many would strongly argue that the two are miles apart, and it might be so, but still the line between being a hipster and a geek when it comes to fashion and lifestyle could potentially be quite fine. So if you are out to spot a geek, and if you don’t have access to their personality, there are of course other ways to undertake an evaluation.

Just have a look at the geeky internal campaign that Apple prided themselves with during the eighties. It was meant as a promotional video for potential customers during one of their many internal product shows, or so it is said. A video can be geeky in many ways, but this one is bordering on Bill Gates geeky, if you know what I mean. This hilarious way of portraying themselves is just oozing with geek-style, and back in the eighties, I am sure this was considered to be as cool as you could get.

I recently found out that one of our most inspiring Twitter friends, Alyssa Milano, is rumored to be in the upcoming movie Ghostbusters III. This movie franchise is one of my all time favorites, and if the rumors are true, then I don’t know if I could be more psyched to see this new installment. So why am I suddenly talking about Ghostbusters? Well, the fact is that Apple used the Ghostbusters soundtrack as the foundation for their internal promotional campaign, with Apple being the Ghostbusters and IBM being the ghosts or slime, depending on where you are in the video. The eighties were just the pinnacle of cool, it’s just how it is!

Apple Ghostbusters Internal Product Campaign

Via: [DVICE]