How Apple Is Really Driving Innovation [Video]

If you are a frequent Apple gadget user, you probably have a pretty good idea what Apple’s product line looks like. That’s usually the case, and with every new keynote they hold, it seems they expand their product line further. But lately their track record has been a little, for lack of a better word, lame. People keep waiting for their innovative gadgets, but they never come. Still Apple is one of the top companies driving innovation, but it might just not be in the sense that we think they are.

In a new video produced by Online MBA, we get a quick but in-depth look at how Apple has approached innovation before. Their way of driving innovation might be a little different from what the average perception is. We keep thinking their gadgets and features are bound in new ideas and costly research, but that might be far from the truth.

The continuously falling price of Apple’s stock is evidence of an icon missing, and not so much the lack of their ability to keep driving innovation, at least that is my own humble opinion. When you look at what Apple has introduced into our world throughout the years, it’s easy to get mesmerized, I give them that. But when you start digging a little deeper, their driving innovation, or the innovation we think is driving today’s technology, is not as new and groundbreaking as we might have thought. The success of Apple is in every fiber connected to Steve Jobs’ ability to capture and spellbind an audience and literally get them to want something they didn’t know they needed. The essence of Apple was Steve Jobs’ ability to never stop driving innovation through genius marketing and gadget design.

The video that Online MBA produced makes a quick, however profound, statement that Apple is really just capitalizing on timed opportunities by continuously and carefully analyzing the market, and what’s already been introduced. Their ability to foresee the future is unique, and that shouldn’t be trivialized into sheer luck. They know what they are doing, and they know it to the point of perfection. Everything is timed, optimized and carefully planned.

Maybe the stock price is just an effect of an icon no longer present. Maybe their planning is just not as refined as it used to be when Steve Jobs was steering the company to success. The reasons could be many, but there is no doubt that Apple is a slowly fading star in technology heaven. Whether they will be able to kick start their ability to drive innovation once again is a question only they know how to answer.

Apple’s Way Of Driving Innovation