Artificial Intelligence – 9 Business Applications

Business is all about striving for success. Your company must be ahead of others if you want your business to flourish. In modern days, AI and ML are those innovative technologies that make the process of handling business easier and more profitable.

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9 Business Applications Of Artificial Intelligence Tools

Business is all about striving for success. Your company must be ahead of others if you want your business to flourish. In the modern days, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are those innovative technologies that can make a huge difference in the efficiency of your company and make you stand out from the crowd.

Implementing AI and ML tools can make your life easier and the company has greater chances to improve the use of its resources bringing you profit and better positions on the market. Nowadays AI is part of a great variety of spheres in our lives, last news on Elon Musk and his thoughts about AI tell us about that there are issues we should pay attention on, and it isn’t just a weird story and last text generator that is just too dangerous to release.

We talk about the ideal structure of the text, common sense, grammar which is very similar to natural writing. There is no room for doubt in experienced essay writer of a top company. Forbes Technology Council members shared the insider information on what innovative applications are used by their companies in order to optimize their functionality and be ahead of others.

Here’s what fifteen members of the council revealed:

 1. Proposal Evaluation

ServiceChannel found an innovative use of AI tools that are able to save the time of both the company and its customers. When the facilities department receives a certain proposal from the contractor, ML makes an analysis of data related to the contractor and his proposal in order to determine whether the cost is right and profitable.

 2. Cybersecurity Measures

RAA – Financial Advisors takes security very seriously and in addition to the traditional measures, they use AI to ensure that cybersecurity defense is on the highest level. Network packets get efficiently analyzed by the AI systems, which continuously report the state of the traffic.

3. Health Care Facilitation

Heal, the company that offers medical assistance explores AI/ML innovations for health care. Some of the machines are precise enough to diagnose serious problems sooner than in those cases when traditional methods are used. AI saves costs for hospitals and patients. Most importantly, dangerous health conditions are effectively detected by machines, which facilitate faster medical intervention and, as a result, human lives are saved.

 4. HR Automation

Finding a suitable candidate is always a challenge for any HR manager. Nowadays, AI can be a really helpful technological tool to surface a qualified worker. Entelo is the company, which has a motto “Source smarter, faster, better.” They introduce the era of intelligent recruitment by taking advantage of AI and using proprietary algorithms with the aim of identifying a suitable candidate.

5. Intelligent Chatbots

Passage AI is proud of their state of the art learning algorithms aimed at building conversational interfaces, which can perform with the highest accuracy. Intelligent chatbots and voicing are capable to enhance customer’s experience and provide an expected level of service.

6. Reduction Of Energy Costs

Reducing energy use has always been a burning issue and Atomiton, Inc. is committed to doing everything to reduce waste, cut costs and decrease energy use in general. The AI application that they run is used to analyze data and predict energy load.

7. Predicting Digital Vulnerability

Kenna Security prioritizes the vulnerabilities in various pieces of software in order to predict if it may be attacked by hackers. Managing cyber risk by means of AI/ML helps the company to effectively change the board conversation, align security and IT business objectives.

8. Mapping Out Market Tendencies

Personalization and intuitive product recommendations are now enhanced at Thomson Reuters who use AI to improve their go-to-market operations. Mapping out market tendencies with the help of ML is now one of the ways to predict the future and become the leading player on the market.

9. Accelerating Reading Processes

The human mind has the ability to read and perceive only a particular amount of information during a certain amount of time. Bioz is a company, which empowers researchers around the world to plan and perform the optimal experiments in academia and biopharma. They have developed an advanced AI tool that scans the vast amount of information and helps researchers speed up working on the discoveries aimed at the development of new cures for different diseases.

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