Augmented Reality Gives 3D Street Art A 4th Dimension

As technology evolves, the art in the world is getting ever more interactive. It’s an intriguing thought, and one that has been pondered for a while now. We know the digitization of legendary and invaluable art has come a long way, but it is with simple tools such as the smartphone that art can really come to life. A new smartphone app has been developed for the purpose of giving 3D street art a 4th dimension. Well, it’s really a 3rd one, but the dimensions overlap.

3D street art artist Leon Keer is one of the world’s most renowned 3D street art creators, and for him, 3D art has reach its limits. For a long time, Leon has been looking for ways to make his 3D street art into more interactive and dynamic. What this basically means is that instead of viewing it from only one viewpoint in order to get the perfect depth, he has developed an augmented reality app that brings his 3D street art to life in a whole new way.

When the viewer has exhausted the incredible perspective of the one viewpoint 3D street art that Leon has created, he or she has the option to take it one step further. Call it going deeper into dimensions if you will, which will enable him or her to view text and added detail that can’t be identified by visual perception alone. This way, Leon hopes to bring a larger audience and yield a more discussable art form to life.

The 3D street art augmented reality app will no doubt put another dimension into people’s minds when they use their devices, but what does it mean for the 3D street art form as a whole? This can of course be debated for a long time, but the fact that the viewer will be more immersed in the 3D street art that Leon creates will have a profound impact on how people look at 3D street art from now on. Just the notion that anything can be added with augmented reality is a tickling thought, especially when it comes to 3D street art.

Leon Keer’s Augmented Reality 3D Street Art Application



Via: [psfk]