Augmented Reality: How Do You Experience Death?

Digital technology is becoming more popular, mostly thanks to word of mouth. People are getting more and more comfortable with it. One example of this can be seen in augmented reality. Just a few years back, people did not have an inkling as to what those words meant, but due to the spread of news regarding the topic, people are now familiar with the technology.

As a result, more and more brands have been developing applications that use augmented reality. One brand is the WWF or the World Wildlife Fund and their advertising agency, Leo Burnett Russia. They created an application using augmented reality. We all know that the Siberian Tiger is becoming extinct because of poachers. In order to make this truly known and felt, the group created a tiger t-shirt with a marker of a tiger printed on the shirt. They placed special fitting rooms in trendy shops across Moscow.

With a special camera, they made the wearer of the t-shirt feel how the tiger feels when it is shot. A website was also built for those living outside Moscow. Even Russian celebrities were invited to wear the shirt to help make people aware of the plight of the Siberian Tigers. I included the video of the case study below. I believe this was one good way of engaging people and making them aware of a good cause that is worth fighting for. Thank you @vimags21 for sharing the video.