Death Star Kickstarter Project Is Looking To Raise £20,000,000

Just when you thought you had seen it all, something comes along that will make your head spin. I think by now, everyone knows what Kickstarter is and how startups can raise money through crowdsourcing in order to fund their projects. There have been thousands of successful kickstarters by now (not just on Kickstarter itself), and people are continuing to look for a hand. Well, time has come for all of us to help fund the Death Star Kickstarter project.

Say what? Yup, that is right! Someone has actually put up a Kickstarter project for the construction of the Death Star. The US government was proposed to build the Death Star, but in the geekiest way possible they said no. What else is there to do than to take matters in our own hands and build it ourselves? The project is founded by Gnut and is one of the most radical ideas ever seen on Kickstarter.

The project as a whole, to actually build the Death Star, is going to be somewhere around $850,000,000,000,000,000, but the project “only” asks for £20,000,000. Why is that? Well, this first round is apparently just for planning and well, chicken wire. Apparently they need to model the thing first in order to get the measurements correct.

Now, before you start thinking this is actually real, it isn’t. It’s just a ploy to give you a good laugh of course. It’s one of the most hilarious listings I have ever seen though. I would love it if it was actually successfully funded. The fact is, they have already managed to raise just south of £2,500. If we all pitch in, I am sure we could make a dent in that number and maybe reach the £20,000,000 they are looking to raise. It should be that hard, right?

If you are interested in funding this, you can do so by heading over to the Kickstarter project page and pledging. We can do it! If the government won’t fund it, we just have to fund it ourselves. I mean, why not build a Death Star, right? The government already has their ISS project to play with. Through this Kickstarter project, we might just be able to get our own. Just saying.

Death Star Kickstarter Project


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