Augmented Reality Makes Shopping Easier and More Fun

I despise shopping. I know, I’m a freak of nature girl because most of us love it, but not me. I order as much as I can online to avoid going in any stores.

However, if this new use for augmented reality was available here in Atlanta, I would be tempted to check it out. In London, there is a jewelry store that allows people passing by the store outside to try on the watches without actually going inside the store. How cool is that?

According to the Popular Science website, “The shoppers strap on a paper wristband and the mirror-like display conjures a real-time moving image of you wearing any watch.” It doesn’t end there, this technology also allows the shopper to change watches, adjust the band, and play around with the functionality. Ok, this is blowing my mind! Love it!

Now if we could use this same technology for trying on clothes, shoes and lingerie, all of shopping as we know it could change (for the better)! You don’t have to travel to London to check this out. You can experience it on the Tissot Reality website. Have fun!

[via popsci]