Sol Cuff: Illuminated Solar Powered Charging Wristband

I met up with my old friend Calvin Lee a couple of months ago (you know that radical social media dude we all know). If I may be so bold, I don’t think I have ever seen anyone carry around so many gadgets in a backpack as Calvin. It was apparent he had one problem, battery power. His solution was lugging around an army worth of external batteries to top up his devices. Calvin could definitely use a Sol Cuff charging wristband.

I have said it countless times before that power is the one problem we all have with our mobile devices. Sure, researchers and developers are working hard on increasing the battery life on our devices with every new incarnation of them. However, it never seems to be enough. We need something like the Sol Cuff charging wristband that can harness the sun, convert it into energy that we can later top off our devices with. That would be the ultimate solution, right?

The wristband, tier 2, incorporates several LEDs, which makes it ideal for response personnel in dark conditions. Battery power is a necessity for all kinds of night activities and the Sol Cuff power charging wristband could be the solution for that. At its current stage, the solar powered charging wristband is a little bulky. I will say this it’s definitely a benefit to anyone who has their phone or any gadget on 24/7, like my friend Mr. Lee.

The latest incarnation of the charging wristband can store 2,000 mA in its lithium battery pack and fully charges in 4-5 hours by ambient or outdoor lighting. This is something that could potentially save you a whole lot of annoyance when your smart devices are short on battery life. One of the more predominate features is that you can actually use your mobile device while the charging wristband is connected to it while topping your device.

Sol Cuff is currently in development and is in need of funding in order to finalize the last steps of the development as well as manufacturing. Sol Cuff is looking to raise $10,000, and with about 6 days left they have managed to raise a little north of $7,000. It looks like they are headed towards a successful campaign. The campaign is in need of pledges. If you think you would benefit from having a charging wristband, then head over to their Kickstarter page and pledge. Time is ticking, and your power is going out.

Sol Cuff – Solar Powered Charging Wristband

Sol Cuff Charging Wristband

Sol Cuff Charging Wristband

Sol Cuff Solar Powered Charging Wristband Prototypes

Sol Cuff Charging Wristband

Sol Cuff Charging Wristband