Augmented Reality Tattoo | Next Gen Skin Art

I am a moderately tattooed guy that feels the start of a fanatic interest to get more tattoos. I can honestly say that I have a million ideas for tattoos that I want to get sometime in the future. I am one of those that always draws my own tattoos just to feel that uniqueness about them. I really think it feels weird when someone shows a tattoo and it’s exactly the same one as someone else showed me earlier. Makes for a lack or originality in my opinion.

But, there is a new thing on the horizon and it is looking to change the game forever. From the company ThinkAnApp comes a new way of adding interactivity to your tattoos. It’s called Augmented Reality Tattoos and it’s a spin off of the highly successful new medium called almost the same, Augmented Reality.

What ThinkAnApp has done is to develop a software that reads curved surfaces, as most of the body’s surfaces are, which reads a tattooed bar code and if viewed through a webcam or any other live feed camera shows whatever the bar code stands for. All of a sudden we have tattoos that comes to life. The possibilities are endless but I wonder if I would want to go around with a bunch of bar codes tattooed into my skin, not to mention all the squares that seem to be the recognition point as well as the display point.