Awesome Custom Cases For iPhones And More By caseable

There are a lot of cases on the market for smartphones, tablets, eReaders and laptops. What’s the one thing all these cases have in common? They are boring. Lacking any sense of personality, these cases are covered in plain, drab colors, lacking any original designs or sense of style and personality. Where are the custom cases that we can show off with pride?

caseable is working to change all of that! As the leading manufacturer in custom cases, caseable believes that accessories, such as your iPhone 7 Case, should be an extension of your unique style, a simple way to show the world who you are. With the easy-to-use online design tool , any case can become a custom case. Use your favorite photos and personal designs to create an ultra-unique case that stands out from the rest! caseable believes that custom cases are the perfect opportunity to express your own personal style, while also protecting your favorite devices!

Not only are custom cases an amazing way to show off your own personality, but they make perfect gifts. Make your best friend an iPhone 7 case using photos from your last holiday together, use pictures of your kids to create the perfect Samsung Galaxy Case for the grandparents. Creating a design for someone is an extra little touch that truly shows someone that you care.

Custom Cases By caseable

Are you running your own business? Maybe you need some branded items as gifts for employees, or for upcoming giveaways? caseable is the answer, as you can easily create a custom case with your company’s logo. Get a discount on bulk orders – you can mix and match iPhone Cases with Samsung Cases, or iPad cases with Kindle cases, to create the perfect bundle for your needs.

[pullquote]One of the best aspects of caseable? The huge range of devices they cover![/pullquote] All major smartphone models are available in a Hard Case, Flip Case, or Smartphone Pouch. With cases made for iPhones, Samsung, LG, HTC, and more, you’ll have no trouble finding a case that’s perfect for you! Hard Cases snap onto your smartphone, and are created using a molded plastic, with a wraparound design that ensures your chosen motif will have no awkward edges or harsh lines. Flip cases include interior pockets to hold your important cards, with a magnetic strap that keeps the case closed. Smartphone Pouches are constructed using multiple-layers that provide extra cushioning and protection for your device.

Folio covers are available for tablets and eReaders, including iPads, Kindles, and Kobos. All Folio cases feature elastic straps to keep your device securely in place, and interior pockets to keep your important notes and business cards. The customizable Premium Laptop sleeves are contoured for a snug fit, with 5mm Neoprene that is durable and helps protect your laptop from bumps and scratches. The Eco Sleeves are made of a slimmer Neoprene, so they are less bulky and perfect for travel. You can customize any caseable cover, the only true limit is your own imagination!

Custom Cases By caseable

All caseable products, including the custom cases, go through an innovative Heat Sublimation printing process. By using heat to transfer your design, we ensure that your custom case, whether it’s an iPhone Case or a Premium Laptop Sleeve, has bright, vivid colors, and crisp, clean lines that are scratch- and fade-resistant.

Perhaps you aren’t feeling the creative spirit to create your own custom case. If that’s so, you’re in luck. In addition to our custom cases, caseable offers a huge range of Artist Designs . caseable has been busy searching the globe for the best artists, with styles ranging from the minimal to the wild. Explore designs today, or create a custom case!

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