Awesome Geek Toys For Our Pets!

I watched Marley and Me recently, and the movie speaks so much about how our pets are such a big part of our lives. They are truly treated as members of our family. They are not looked upon as a mere animals that we take care of. Since they are viewed as members of our family and our best friends, we do everything we can to make life comfortable for them. We give them love, we shower them with affection and we give them toys to entertain them.

I remember when we were in the US recently, some of the things on the list to buy were toys and treats for the brood of cats that were waiting for us at home. I am sure you have seen how even celebrities like Paris Hilton and Britney Spears have given into stylish outfits for their pet dogs. When you visit the vet and the pet stores, there is an aisle specifically designated for pet clothes, shoes, bedding, etc…

I found some awesome and unique geek toys and costumes that I know will make your pets happy. I am sure you will get the extra attention you deserve for buying these, and you will also bring your beloved cats and dogs hours and hours of fun.

Pet Star Wars Costumes – Sells for $15.99 each.  Star Wars costumes for dogs: Yoda, Leia, or Darth Vader

iBone Sells for $11.99 – Doy toy that looks like a big iPhone (or a small iPad!).  Plush and squishy with a delicious squeaky noise.  Embroidered with various doggy app icons

Thing In A Bag for Cats – Sells for $18.99. It’s not a doggy bag – is kitteh bag!  Mystery thing in bag shakes and rattles.  Special claw-resistant material for shred-happy cats.