Hybrid Toys: The Ultimate Way Of Reusing Your Toys!

When talking to elderly people, the most common thing they say always starts with “When I was a kid…” Then there is a whole monologue about how things were so much less focused on what you had and instead focused on what you could do with the things you already had. I couldn’t even tell you how many times I have been in conversations like this, and I am sure you have too. I sometimes enjoy it since I know that today we all look like gadget brats in their eyes. After all, we have a gadget for pretty much everything we fit into a day of work and play.

What if we didn’t have the opportunity to buy all of these insanely cool and trendy gadgets? Is there a way to actually create our own from what we already have? If you have watched Toy Story, you know that there is a way to do so, especially for kids in the younger generation. Sang Won Sung is one of those people that ponders these questions, and he does it creatively well.

With his imagination at hand, Sang created hybrid toys out of old, worn and torn ones and made them into really odd yet wonderful pieces of art. I am sure small boys in particular enjoy this since it’s somewhat in the region of what they have probably tried out themselves at some point. I mean, ripping off the arms of an old Barbie doll only to switch places with the legs is one of those pastimes. I find these pieces of art quite amusing yet interesting to look at. And, for some weird reason, they give me that retro feeling. I wonder why…