Innovative Shower Head Beautifully Reminds Us To Conserve Water

If you are like some people I know, you get your best ideas while you’re in the shower. Whether you are writing a song or trying to come up with your next business endeavor, the shower can be a very inspiring place to sort things out. It oozes creativity, which means sometimes we stay in there a bit longer than we probably should. We all want to conserve water and energy whenever we can, and this innovative shower head can help us do that in a beautiful way.

The gorgeous glowing colors of this soothing shower head are worthy of the most creative person’s shower. It slowly changes colors to gently remind you to get your butt out of there before you go wasting a bunch of water. You can see the transition of colors in the video below. Once it hits red, you’ll know you’ve been in there for seven minutes, and it’s time to get out. That basically means your shower time will peak at eight minutes if you want to conserve water.

This shower head was designed by Brett Andler, Sam Woolf and Tyler Wilson. They came up with the idea when they were all three in a medical engineering class at Tufts University. The team is still working out whether they will leave it set at seven minutes or change it. They are even considering a sliding timer so the user can decide the length of their shower since everyone has a different opinion about how long an energy efficient shower should be.

It’s called the Uji Shower Head, and it will cost $50 when it’s released in 2014. According to the website, it will pay for itself in water savings in about seven months. Besides that, it’s an easy way to conserve water and energy.

Innovative Shower Head Reminds Us To Conserve Water

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