Let Nostalgia Kick In With This Awesome Pong Coffee Table

One of the oldest arcade video games is back and how! If you have played the 8-bit version of Pong in your childhood then you are in for a treat. A group of amazing engineers has developed the design for an Atari Pong coffee table, with a life-sized console, actual paddles, and a pong ball. This fantastic invention takes a little bit of help from magnets and electronic circuitry, to provide you with an easily controllable console that adds a spark to your favorite retro video game. Suitable for people of all ages, even adults can have fun with this amusing game, although we all know that you are still a child at heart anyway.

The simplicity of Pong has made it survive in its original form for around 45 years. With this mechanical version, the craze can only get more intense. What is more, this sophisticated Pong coffee table has a sleek and minimalistic design that is perfect for the workplace. All you need to do now is to beg your HR department to spare some cash for this wonderful version of the Pong video game. Estimated to be priced at around $5000, it is a small investment for multi-national companies, however, if you work for a startup then perhaps your request will fall on deaf ears.

[pullquote]This spectacular coffee table has much more to offer than just a 3D experience of the Pong video game.[/pullquote] It comes with in-built chargers for your phone and can also play music via Bluetooth. The actual gaming console is concealed in chambers that can be locked to convert the gaming zone into a functional coffee table. Who knew that shopping for furniture could also be fun? The table retains its coolness quotient even when it’s not in action, by displaying the time. It takes the definition of multi-functional to a new level. Even most human beings are not so efficient!

This Atari Pong coffee table is the perfect solution to the problem of space crunch that so many of us suffer from. Use it for drinks or for several rounds of the game, just one small rectangular area of your house can be so useful. You can even create more room by throwing out the TV, after all, who would be interested in watching programs when they can indulge in an engrossing game of Pong instead. This coffee table is the best way to upgrade your family board game nights to something way more interesting.

The designers of this marvelous invention have spent years experimenting with different types of circuitry and surfaces, so as to provide the users with a smooth playing experience. This Pong coffee table makes us wonder about the vicious cycle of technology. First, we put our games into 2D screens and now we are back to bringing those games out of the screens by creating their physical versions. It will be interesting to see what the next big trend in the field of video games will be. We are fine with any form of the game as long as we don’t have to move our bodies off the couch to play it. – For more creative coffee tables click here.

Behold The Amazing Functional PONG Coffee Table

PONG Coffee Table Image

PONG Coffee Table Image

PONG Coffee Table Image