Atari Flashback 3: Get The Retro Back Into Your Life

Do you sometimes long for the retro days of yesterday? Do you think gaming and entertainment was just a little more fun back in the days? If you answered yes, you are just like me. Games today aren’t necessarily boring or less entertaining, it’s just that the games of yesterday were a little less complex and had a more laid back feel to them. There was a touch of a little more casual gaming if you know what I mean. I remember the first console I ever saw. It was an old and dusty Atari console brick with the controls attached to the back of it. It had those wheels on the controllers that you could turn in order to steer your object on the screen, whatever it may be.

Since then, the games have developed into complex worlds with insanely great graphics (as Steve Jobs would have said). Just have a look at the newly released Rage game. The world it presents is not only insanely detailed, but the gameplay is vast and the many things you can do will keep you entertained and focued for days, literally. To compare today’s games with the retro 8-bit games would be unfair if you look at it from a graphics perspective, but we don’t really have to do that, so let’s not.

If you are one of those people, like me, who is constantly craving a little bit more of that retro magic in your life, you will be quite happy to learn that you are now able to get a shiny new Atari console gaming hub with a pile of games included. Atari has released a new, yet retro, re-release of the console with a few modifications to it. It’s called Atari Flashback 3. For example, the controls are in the front now instead of the back. So, if you are mad for some retro gaming and a bit of gaming history, you can just jump over to Amazon and get your own for $59.95. It’s a magical price for something with such flashback value. What is your favorite retro game of yesterday?

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Atari Flashback 3 Gaming Console

Atari Flashback 3 Gaming Console

Atari Flashback 3 Gaming Console