How To Become A Superior Link Builder [Infographic]

In order to become an effective link builder, you need to have a lot of different skills. Just being a good coder or an effective SEO manager doesn’t cut it today. Making sure you end up on websites that have a higher rank than you is not an easy task. Link builders today use a whole armada of different tools and skills in order to make sure the links they build are of good quality. In this article, we’re going to take a brief look at what it takes to become a superior link builder.

If you have ever come in contact with SEO optimization, you know that links are one of the most important factors when Google, Bing and other search engines rank websites. Recently social media presence and influence have also been implemented into the ranking algorithm, especially Facebook likes and Google+ +1s. But how exactly do you go about building quality links to your website, and what kind of tools and skills do you need to master this legendary trade?

For us to completely get into it, we can consult an infographic recently shared with us here at Bit Rebels called The 4 Faces Of Link Building, presented by ShellshockUk. Through it, we can gain information about how to go about it all, and hopefully how to become a superior link builder.

The first thing you will derive from the infographic is that you need to rely on a whole lot of different skill set in order to become good at building links back to your website. Even though this is not a tutorial per say, it still gives us some valuable insight into the endeavor of building links and how to approach it. The most important factor when building links is to make sure the sites linking back to you are actually “passing juice,” meaning they feature similar stuff and they have a better page rank than you do.

If you can manage to hit up a link (or a whole lot of them) on websites just like the ones mentioned, you are going to experience a whole landslide of traffic that starts to drizzle in. The more links you are able to build from these websites, the better page rank you are going to get. With page rank comes visitors since your content ends up ranking higher when people search for things that fall within the same topics and categories as what’s represented on your website.

What It Takes To Become A Superior Link Builder

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Superior Link Builder Guide Infographic