Beginners Guide To FPV Drone Racing

One of the most popular gadgets from the last decade has to the done. These brilliant remote-control aircraft – often called quadcopters – offer unrivaled maneuverability and are superbly agile, and they are easy to learn to fly. This is why drone racing is fast-growing as a participation sport. Drone racing involves two or more persons flying their craft around a pre-set course, and it becomes even more fun when the race involves the pilots wearing FPV goggles.

We’re going to give you a brief introduction to FPV drone racing and why you need to get into this amazing sport, so let’s start by explaining what FPV is, and why it adds something special when flying a drone.

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What Is FPV?

FPV stands for ‘first person view’. This means that when flying the aircraft remotely and wearing FPV goggles the pilot is able to fly far beyond where they would if they were observing the craft remotely. How does it work? FPV goggles are a form of receiver, and on board the drone if a camera that transmits on the same frequency as the goggles. So, when the pilot is viewing through the FPV goggles, they are seeing what they would see if they were actually aboard the drone.

In other words, FPV replicates the view a pilot of a regular aircraft sees – that immediately head and in the vicinity of the aircraft. FPV was developed for use in drones as investigative devices. They are used for examining power lines and other remote systems, for example, and by law enforcement, medical and fire-fighting units to see inside buildings before entering.

However, we are here to talk about racing drones with fpv goggles which is rapidly becoming an established and exciting sport, and one that requires considerable flying skills. So, what do you need to start FPV drone racing?

What Do I Need To Start Drone Racing?

Of course, the first thing you need is a drone! We recommend you visit top online drone retailer Dronesinsite for ideas and advice on what is available. Then you need a set of FPV goggles, which that site can also help with. However, we don’t want you to rush as there are some uncertainties involved in drone flying, especially in FPV format.

In some countries – and in the USA it may vary from state to state – you need to undergo a training course and examination to secure a licence to fly a drone. Furthermore, flying drones is not permitted close to airfields and is also forbidden in many public places. There are laws and regulations you need to check out before you start buying your equipment.

But drone racing is usually organized in places that are specifically chosen for safety and is also gaining its own set of regulations. How much do drones cost? Until quite recently the sort of drone you would have needed to go racing with would have set you back several hundred dollars. The growing popularity of these aircraft has brought more manufacturers to the market, and decent models can now be had for under $100.


FPV drone racing requires a lot of skill and as drones are becoming useful in commercial and industrial settings, these skills may be of use to the racer in terms of employment and making money. But most of all, flying a drone using FPV is great fun and racing one even more so, and we suggest you check out that website and see what the latest trends are. This could be the fun new hobby that you have been waiting for.

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