Behold The $20,000 Diamond Studded iPhone 4S Case

We have once again come to one of those articles that will make a huge hole in your wallet if you decide this is something you would like to pursue and buy. We know that even though the world is still greatly suffering from the chaotic events that transpired a while ago which made our world economy walk on its knees, there are still people out there with wallets well packed with benjamins to spare. What they will do with them is of course their choice, but some tend to invest them in insane gadgets that normal people would never dare to even front in public. There is a twist to this little story which I think you are going to be quite intrigued by.

James Allen, a professional jeweler, created what can only be described as an almost insane concept that will make any iPhone 4S owner drool. It’s actually an iPhone 4S case that is worth about $20,000. Why? Because it is encrusted with 808 diamonds and 43 rubies that grace the rim of the case. If you ever get to answer a phone with this case on it, make sure you turn off the lights before you whip it out because it will totally blind you.

The twist is that even though it costs $20,000, and your wallet echoes empty since that last club round last Friday night, it can still be yours. Yes, you can actually win this badboy! All you really need to do is enter the giveaway, which is free, and then just wait for the giveaway winner to be announced. I don’t know the rules of this giveaway, so just head over to their “official giveaway” announcement to get in-depth details about it. It’s a giveaway, so I guess it’s not too hard to enter. If you win however, what would you do? Would you sell it and invest the money or would you actually keep it and brag about it to all your friends?


Via: [Born Rich]