The Benefits & Challenges Of Using Windscribe VPN [Review]

The internet has changed our lives for good, and we do almost everything differently now after it became an integral part of our daily routine. Things that were not possible 20 years ago are currently possible, and you can access any information you want with a click of a button. But with such a globalized network came a few downsides, namely, privacy and security.

We do everything online nowadays, and that means your personal data and information are out there in the cyberspace, which is not very reassuring. Then came virtual private networks to take care of that problem.

They allow you to browse safely online with your privacy and security guaranteed, and in some cases, they even bypass censorship that might be imposed in some countries on certain websites. One of the most interesting, and recent, VPNs is the Windscribe VPN. Here are its benefits and the challenges that come with it.

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Powerful Encryption

The most crucial feature in a VPN is its privacy and encryption protocols. The reason why most people use VPNs in the first place is to maintain their privacy online and to stay secured from the many possible threats that plague the internet, and Windscribe gives them just that. It supports the most powerful VPN protocols out there like OpenVPN and SOCKS5, as well as several others.

That means you can rest assured that your system will never be hacked using these very secure protocols, and you can safely browse and spend time on the internet without having to worry about the security of your personal data.

Simple Interface

Let’s agree that not everybody who uses VPNs is a tech genius; some just want to have secure connections while ensuring their privacy and anonymity online. So, looking for a service provider with a user-friendly interface is a must, because some can really be complex, and Windscribe VPN gives you just that.

Its interface is smart and relatively simple, and you can quickly get to know it and navigate your way around the VPN to easily find the options you’re looking for. The signup process itself is relatively simple on its own, though you will need to provide login information with each time you log in.

No Saved Logs

While a VPN can protect you from all threats and hacks that lie beyond its domain, some could also be a security threat to your privacy and security. How? Some VPNs store your personal information, which can be a massive security threat. The VPNs that do this do it very subtly by adding a clause in the service agreement –– that you blindly agree to –– that allows them to collect whatever data they want.

Fortunately, Windscribe doesn’t have that problem, and it doesn’t keep any logs on your browsing session or any of your personal info, which is a pretty important feature that you have to make sure is present in whatever virtual private network you’re dealing with.

Still Works With Netflix

Ever wanted to watch a show on Netflix, only to find that it’s not available in your country? One of the most popular reasons why people use VPNs is to bypass Netflix location restrictions all over the world, and if you read any Windscribe review, you’ll find that this is one of the main things people like about this service.

It has special dedicated servers, especially for Netflix, who has a strict policy against VPNs and tries to block them regularly, but Windscribe is still one of the main VPNs out there that still work with the streaming service.

Free Options Available

Another outstanding feature about Windscribe is the fact that there are free options available to those who might need them. Sure, their free VPN comes with a few restrictions and a limited number of servers, but it’s free, and you can use it for up to 10 GB a month, which is definitely not bad! The free options work pretty well if you just want a secure network when you’re using public domains.

Return Back Guarantee

Don’t like the service and would like to get out of your contract sooner rather than later? You have that option with Windscribe, and you can get your money back with their money-back guarantee, which is a very important feature you should look for in your VPN service.

Multiple Devices

Windscribe supports pretty much any OS out there, from Mac and Windows to Linux as well as all browsers available. It also has unlimited device options, so basically, everyone in your household, and then some can connect to the VPN and enjoy the secure browsing.


Not Many Locations

Because Windscribe is relatively new in the market, there aren’t that many servers around the world yet, and you can’t really have much use of the VPN if you’re in Africa or South America as they just don’t have enough servers to cover those areas.

Not Too Fast

Perhaps Windscribe’s biggest problem is the fact that it’s a bit slow. One of the essential features of a VPN is how fast it is, and Windscribe, unfortunately, doesn’t score many points in this category.

Poor Customer Support

Windscribe’s customer support is not really good. You don’t have many options available, and you can only open a ticket if you want to report a problem, which just isn’t very practical because it will take ages and probably won’t fix the problem anyway. VPNs usually provide a phone call service or a chat option, but Windscribe isn’t there yet.


Windscribe doesn’t come cheap, and their pricing plans aren’t really straightforward, so things might get a bit confusing in that department. At the end of the day, you know the pros and cons, and it’s your decision. Is Windscribe perfect? Definitely not.

But it does come with several great features and a very high level of security and encryption, but is that enough to overlook the below-average speed and the poor customer service? You’ll need to do the math to ask yourself if you’re willing to ignore the bad for the good.

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