The Best Online File Converters From One Format To Another For Windows & macOS

Regardless of whether you do some office work, edit a media file, or are just an ordinary user, converting is a process you are certainly encountering. There are numerous justifications for needing, for instance, video conversion, particularly in today’s technologically advanced society.

Using all of your devices to watch videos is one of these reasons. Certain mobile phones—particularly the older models—cannot support every type of video or codec. To ensure that your clips can be viewed on all of your devices—including tablets, iPads, Android phones, iPhones, and iPods—you might need to convert them to a format that is compatible with all of them.

Secondly, there are social media videos that people want to save. It is entertaining to share funny videos or your own tutorials on social media, such as how to use a product or tool or how to win a poker hand at the best USCD casino sites in 2023 and others, but what if you want to save them on any of your devices?

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To watch them when not on the Internet or to store them somewhere for later? It is never as simple to download these videos as it is to upload them. There are programs that can let you download videos from Facebook and Instagram, regardless of your needs.

By now, it is clear to you that there are many situations when it is necessary to convert a file of a certain format to another format, not just only video. Although there are many kinds of software that can be downloaded to a computer, the fastest way to perform the conversion for many is online tools with this function.

Are they safe to use? Is it even a good idea to upload documents with potentially confidential information? Is there a better way to convert files? Find out the answers below…

Are Online File Converters Safe?

Opening the Google web search engine is probably the first step you will make when you need to convert a file to another format. If you enter “convert word to pdf” in the search bar, you will get over two billion results. Of course, not all search results will redirect you to online converters, but the first dozen or so links certainly will.

The same will happen when searching for converters for other formats such as PNG, JPG, MP4, and others. Most online converters are free to use, although some of them have certain usage restrictions or offer additional paid tool packages. Which ones are actually safe?

Take, for example, probably the most popular online converter, iLovePDF. If we look at its privacy settings, it clearly states that all uploaded files will be encrypted and deleted from the platform within the next two hours.

Another popular online converter, Zamzar, states in its privacy settings that it shares user data with certain third parties, and the files users upload are saved on its servers (protected by Transport Layer Security) and remain there for the next seven days.

On the other hand, there are online converters like CloudConvert that do conversions of various formats, and its security and privacy section states that uploaded files are deleted immediately after the conversion is done.

Security Is In Place, But…

It can be said that most of the online file converters on the first page of Google are legitimate and safe because there are instructions on how to use them, they have security and privacy sections, and they give an official statement that your files are 100% safe when you use them.

Of course, when analyzing these online converters, we did not go into the details, but according to the available information, it is evident that there should be no doubt about their way of working or the content listed on their website.

Security is definitely in place, but the real question is whether any online file converter can be trusted or not. Those online converters that have been used a lot and are on the first page of Google search results are more legitimate, but that does not mean they can have your entire trust.

Sensitive data containing important information should definitely not be uploaded to such tools because once a similar file leaves your computer, the environment ceases to be safe.

Uploading a simple photo or some template for format conversion will not hurt anyone, but doing the same with documents that contain personal information, phone numbers, or bank card information is definitely not recommended. From a cyber security perspective, it is always better to use trusted software over an online service.

The software types that we have on our computer does not need to be connected to the Internet, so they are much safer than online converters and are more practical because they work offline. The only thing left to answer is the question of which are the reliable file converters that you can download to the computer.

Recommended File Converters

There is a wide variety of file converters, and this type of software comes in numerous versions. Some allow conversion of all types of formats, while some will be exclusively specialized for certain types (e.g. video file formats).

Another important factor is the price. With many file converters, you will have limited access to all tools and features because such additional packages are paid for. What users will be interested in first are file converters that are free. Below, we will list our picks for the best free converter for Windows and macOS.

The Best File Converter For Windows: Format Factory

Format Factory has been around for many years. It has occasionally received some criticism, but overall it is the best file converter for the Windows operating system. Its advantages are that it is completely free, its use does not require any special knowledge, and converting is very practical for users.

With the Format Factory converter, you can convert audio and video files, documents, photos, merge video clips, remove watermarks, and much more. It supports a large number of different formats and performs conversions within a very short time.

The only thing you have to do is add the file you want to convert, select the output file specifications (“Output settings”), and click the “Start” button. It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that when using Format Factory you will very often be offered to download various software and upgrades.

Just make sure you do not mark that check box by mistake. You need Format Factory in its basic form and you do not need to download anything else. Download Format Factory from the Freetime software website.

The Best File Converter For macOS: Adapter

If you are using a Mac computer, Adapter is the best option for a file converter. It is completely free software with no restrictions, watermarks, or annoying pop-ups. Unlike Format Factory, Adapter will not offer you to install unnecessary plugins, programs, or suspicious web browser extensions.

Adapter is extremely easy to use. You just need to drag the file or click on “Browse” and select it, after that you need to select the output format and start the conversion process. It can be said that the program is extremely fast, so you will not have to wait long. Adapter includes a large number of file formats, and with it, you can also insert sound, add subtitles, cut video clips, etc.

The only problem is that the adapter can only convert video files, audio files, and photos. If, for example, you need to convert PDF files, you will have to find another solution because the Adapter does not support this. Download Adapter from the Macroplant website.

Pay Attention To Security When Converting Files

Converting files is necessary in some situations, and online converters are definitely handy for this purpose. If we look at the broader context of their use, we can conclude that the average user does not need to compromise data security, face limited use of tools, or pay subscriptions.

All this can be put aside by using free file converters that can be downloaded to the computer. In this way, you will significantly improve security and be calm when it comes to sensitive data that someone can compromise.

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