The Best SEO Strategies Moving Into 2019

SEO has grown to become the most important component of a digital marketing strategy. When done right, SEO (search engine optimization) can help you outrank your competitors and get you on the very first page on Google. With SEO, you can be discovered by thousands, tens of thousands or even millions of potential customers.

In 2019, it is important to realize that SEO has evolved quite a lot. According to Google, there are over 200 ranking factors, out of which original content, engagement rate on page and authority links are the most important. However, there are also several other important SEO techniques that you should use.

Keep reading to find out the most effective SEO strategies for you in 2019.

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1. Niche Edits

In the past, niche edits were called contextual links. They were widely used in a strategy called link begging. You were basically asking blog owners to put your link in their articles or blogs. A niche edit is much more important than any other link, because it is placed in a page with authority and in a context similar to the message on your site. In other words, you are getting more traffic to your site from a site that is already ranking high and is visited by hundreds or thousands of users daily.

A niche edit, unlike a guest post, is easier to accept, since most webmasters are more willing to accept a niche edit than a whole blog. Niche edits is the child of the link-building renaissance that is happening in 2019 among marketers and SEO experts. They are generally white hat, are pretty easy to acquire and involve less effort. Here is a complete guide on how to acquire niche edit links.

Also, do not hesitate to enhance your niche edits strategy by leveraging Serpstat’s backlinks analysis, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the contextual links, domain authority, and traffic potential from high-ranking sites, ultimately optimizing your link-building efforts for increased visibility and targeted user engagement.

2. Private Blog Networks

Ultimately, you can tap into the power of private blog networks and gain a huge amount of high-quality juice to your site. Currently, LaunchCDN is the most used hosting provider for PBNs. Making sure you have no footprints in your PBN hosting is one of the most important things and can really make or break your network of websites.

Before diving into the world of private blog networks, we’d recommend researching this heavily as it’s high risk but high reward.


TF*IDF is a powerful method of analyzing the topics in an article, blog post or web page. It uses the same principles used by search engines to analyze content. Thus, it becomes an invaluable SEO tool.This is an equation that measures how frequently a term appears on a page and how frequently it appears in all pages from a collection. By being able to understand and pinpoint this metric, you will be able to discover how Google is actually ranking sites. Find out more about TF*IDF here.

4. Content Explosion

Content is still king when it comes to SEO. If you want to get an edge over your competitors, then you need to leverage the power of TF*IDF and create high-quality, optimized content in your niche. Post it on your blog, share it online and also add it into infographics and assets. Outreach StrategiesThe best way to reach untapped markets is to take advantage of niche edits and get links on important blogs. More than often, you won’t be required to pay a penny. Do not be afraid to connect with as many webmasters and blog owners as possible and boost your brand online.

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