Top 200 Most Important SEO Ranking Factors [Infographic]

The best way to get traffic to your website is by optimizing your site for organic traffic. You do this by making sure your site is complying with search engines’ ranking requirements. These requirements are not hard to implement on most sites. However, they can be hard to identify. What is it exactly that search engines look at when they crawl your website for information? That is what we are going to take a closer look at in this article, the top 200 most important SEO ranking factors.

Crafting the perfect website, if there is such a thing, is a time-consuming endeavor. Implementing every single SEO ranking factor on a website with thousands of pages is virtually impossible. So, to allow your site to get as good of a ranking factor as possible, you can only try to implement as many as you can.

To help you identify what SEO optimizations your website is missing, I have found an infographic that could be your guide. It’s simply called “SEO Ranking Factors” and is created by Coalition Technologies. The infographic lists 200 of the top most important SEO ranking factors that you should have implemented on your site.

The SEO ranking factors are divided into ten different categories, and you might have to do some additional research to identify what they mean and how to implement some of them. Doing so, however, will not be too hard.

As you might know, SEO is the one most vital aspect of growing the traffic to your website. If you are not already monitoring the SEO scene (and the changes continuously rolled out), you should start now. The amount of traffic that you can have routed to your site by just implementing the right SEO ranking factors is incredible. Whatever you do, do not overlook this free way of increasing the traffic to your site.

The SEO ranking factors range from simple additions like implementing size tags on your images to server privacy issues. However, even though you are not very skilled in the makings of a website, most of them are super simple to implement.

One last word of advice, always use White Hat SEO tactics. They will last longer and will not get you in any trouble with search engine compliancy.

Do you know of any other SEO ranking factors not mentioned on this? Let us know in the comment section below.

Top 200 Most Important SEO Ranking Factors

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200 SEO Ranking Factors Infographic

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    You have a miss spelling. the headings for the groups, the first one,, there’s no i in the word “domain”.Other than that great info. Thanks

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    Indeed a good and interesting post but many of these points are questionable today. Like domain age, server location, RSS subscriber counts etc. are mostly gone or may have very negligible amount of ranking-signal. But really enjoyed reading this post and its points, thanks for sharing.

    Soumya Roy

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    Andrea Torti 6 years

    Great job, I’m impressed!

    No matter what self-proclaimed “experts” can tell us, SEO is a complex issue… as this excellent infographic shows :)

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    Vinod Jose 5 years

    Great effort in compiling data and converting it into a wonderful infographic

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    Chad Feingold 5 years

    Whitehat will always be the strongest long term strategy – great point. More and more spam and older shady strategies will hurt you more than help now!

  • comment-avatar
    Sofor 5 years

    waoo that was huge, thanks for sharing man.