Best Ways To Create, Change And Delete Apple ID On Your Mac

Apple has created an ecosystem that cannot be easily matched by others. The devices in the ecosystem work so well that many people find it difficult to leave once they join. One tool that joins this ecosystem together is the Apple ID.

This ID is what allows for a seamless flow of preferences and settings across all your devices. There are some aspects of the Apple ecosystem that can be difficult for people to understand such as how to create Apple ID on your Mac, how to edit and how to delete Apple ID without getting confused and saying I forgot my Apple ID. Let’s have a look at these things and how you can get this done.

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What Is An Apple ID?

An Apple ID can be considered as your Apple account. It’s used by the ecosystem to save your preferences and settings as well as sync them across the different devices you use. The Apple ID is also a gateway to all of the different services that Apple offers.

You can use the ID to get services like Apple Music, the App store, Facetime and more. The Apple ID is needed even if you’re going to use a single Apple service. Trust me Apple will make you open one via the many pop-ups you’ll get while using their product.

How To Create Apple ID On Your Mac

There are different ways that you can open an Apple ID. You can use iTunes, your browser or the App Store to open an account. There is some information that Apple will need to open an account. These are your name, Birth date, email, and password. You can choose to fill in the billing details right.

With the email, you can choose to use an @icloud or use a third-party account such as Gmail as well. While on the Mac, you can choose to open via iTunes, Your Browser or via the App Store. Let’s have a look at each one.

Via iTunes

If you’re using brand new iTunes, you’ll be prompted to sign in with your Apple ID when you open the application. This prompt will also have an option to create an account. If you’re using an iTunes that has been used by another account, then some few extra steps need to be taken:

  1. Click on the Account’s tab and select Sign In. You’ll need to go to the Account tab and sign out from the old account if it’s still signed in
  2. You’ll need to click “Create New Apple ID”
  3. Fill in the form with the required information and your account will be created.

Via Browser

You can also create Apple ID on any browser via a URL ( It’s quite effective if you don’t have your computer near you. Of course, take care not to try and open an account via a browser you don’t trust. On the top right of the menu on the page, there’ll be an option to “Create Apple ID”. Click on it. Fill out on all the required fields and that’s it.

Via The App Store

You can open the Apple ID via your App Store on your Mac as well. You’d go about his by opening the App Store on your Mac, Going to the “Store” on the top menu bar. “Sign in” and select “Create Apple ID”. Fill in the required information and that’s it.

How To Change Apple ID Password On Tour Mac

You can choose to edit any of your Apple ID details when you might need to. You might want to change Apple ID password, the email used to login to your Apple account for some reason. So, no need to get confused and say to your friends, I forgot my Apple ID.

Let’s explore how to change Apple ID on Mac. You need to make sure that you have access to the email address as you’ll need to verify the change before it takes effects. Here’s how you change your Apple ID password:

  1. On your browser, visit the
  2. Sign in with your login Apple ID details (Apple ID and password)
  3. Select “Edit” in the Account section.
  4. Select “Change Apple ID” under the email address displayed at the moment.
  5. Type in your new email and press continue.

That’s it. Your email is now changed. You need to know that there is an Apple ID with an@icloud extension that’s created when you opened the first time. This email won’t change without visiting Applecare.

On top of that, also make sure that you sign out of all devices/services you use and sign in with your new email. This helps you not get caught off guard when the old Apple ID is deactivated.

How To Delete Apple ID On Your Mac

It was not always possible to delete your Apple ID account until recently. It was similar to Facebook in which they delete your account but retain the information. This is different now. As the company that represents user privacy, Apple have opened up a data and privacy portal.

This portal allows you to decide what you choose to share with the company. It’s also through here that you can completely delete your Apple ID account. Be careful with this action as the action of deleting your account is irreversible. Apple won’t be able to restore your account data once it’s deleted on their servers.

It’s advised to deactivate your account if you just want to temporarily stop using Apple services and the Apple account in general. This option allows you to reactivate your account when you need it again. Here’s how you can delete your Apple account:

  1. Open on your web browser

You might need to answer a few security questions to login Apple ID.

  1. Sign in with your Apple ID and password.
  2. A page will open up with Apple ID and privacy, select “Continue”
  3. Click “Get Started” under “Delete Your Account”
  4. You’ll need to select a reason to delete your account.

You can select “Prefer Not to Say” and click continue.

  1.  Review the checklist of important things you need to know before deleting your account. Click “continue”
  2. Click the “I have Read and Agree to these ‘’terms and conditions” and click continue
  3. You need to decide how you want to receive Account status updates.

These updates can either be received via the email used to create Apple ID, a different email address or a phone number.

  1. You’ll be provided with unique Access code. Download, print or write down this code.

This code is to be used when contacting support following up on your request. You can also talk to support to change your mind before your account is deleted (You have a short time window)

  1. Apple will require you to input the Access code again to confirm that you have received it.
  2. You’ll be prompted to review the list of important items one more time. Select “Continue”
  3. A confirmation message will be provided.

It takes Apple up to seven days to delete your account. Your account will remain active until verification is complete.

  1. Remember to sign out of all devices that use your Apple ID before its deleted.


The Apple ecosystem is great and the change Apple is bringing in regularly via updates is unmatchable. Now that you know how to make the different changes using your Apple ID, you’re surely going to enjoy it.  Creating, changing and deleting your Apple ID on your Mac is not a hassle, Apple has made it as easy as possible.

We’d also advise you to get two-factor authentication as well for better protection of your Apple account and change Apple ID password in future if you want to.  Enjoy the Apple Ecosystem!

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