Bicycle Boot | Are these the new Mountain Inlines?

I am Inlines fanatic and every year, every summer I go to my favorite place here in Sweden to “line” around the edges of the coast while enjoying the sun and the cleaner breeze of air. It’s quite a nice past time when I feel like just taking it easy for one single moment. Working inside and in an office or in a studio all day really gets to you sometimes and a well needed break is to be preferred. Alright, I might not be the most awesome trickster but I have my share of fun while lining the hills and valleys of the coast. Mostly for the exercise and the fun though.

So, what is the next step? We’ve seen so many different additions of the highly successful Inlines and there have been a ton of prototypes that really blow your mind when checking them out. But, now we’re seeing a shift in the focus they usually have. Usually Inlines are to be rode on a flat surface and preferably as smooth as possible.

But now there are a new model on the rise from Cheriot Skates. It’s a new breed of Inlines which enables you to ride on rougher terrains and possibly in really rough terrains making them the mountain bikes of Inlining. I am sure that if these become the new cool there will be awesome competitions held both in mountains and in some rough forest terrains. But don’t think they will be cheap. Being manufactured out of more carbon fiber than a bicycle frame that retails between $3,000 and $8,000 these are likely to be the cool amongst the brats before anyone else.

No matter what they cost or how they look they are still off the chart cool and no matter what people think about them I would pay pretty much any amount of money just to try them out.