Big Is Beautiful – World’s Biggest iPhone Cover!

Making new covers for the iPhone has become a new industry in itself almost. There are now a huge number of companies on and off the Internet that specialize in making creative and colorful covers for the iPhone so we have a little bit of a choice when it comes to our iPhone’s visual appearance. They usually come quite cheap as well. However, there is an angle to it that does not specialize in the smaller and lighter kind of cover, but it still makes a whole lot of sense, in a way.

It’s the iPhone cover “ARKHIPPO” from the people at HaA Design. It’s a new kind of product that is going to turn everything else on its head, literally. The cover, dubbed as the fattest iPhone cover in the world, is a project that sets out to bring you usable and unique iPhone products.

If you pop your iPhone into the ARKHIPPO, you will have a multitude of choices for it straight away. Not only will you be able to stand or let your iPhone lay on its side with a perfect angle to watch movies or other things, it will also fit snugly on your shoulder when you’re on the phone and your two hands are busy. Weighing in at over… a brick, it will not go unseen by bystanders. The concept of a cell phone once again being called “The Brick” has yet again become relevant.