ARKHIPPO: Give Your iPhone 4 A Bounce!

We have covered this iPhone cover/skin before here on Bit Rebels, but back then it was just the world’s largest and geekiest iPhone skin – “Big Is Beautiful – World’s Biggest iPhone Cover!” However, this time around, the people at this highly interesting company got back to us to share their latest and most… beatable iPhone cover to date. We have all dropped our cellphone once or twice, and we always reach down in fear of what might have happened to it. But now, that could be a memory to laugh at if you choose the ARKHIPPO iPhone cover. Why? Because the new cover has super powers that you wouldn’t believe… sort of.

It’s still big and it’s still beautiful, it’s just got way more bounce. The cover, which will make anyone look at your phone in envy (or in pure horror), is made out of a soft rubber material, and it packs a bounce even your kids would like to play with. No more worries about dropping that gadget of opportunities, plus you would actually do some good in letting someone else fondle that iPhone for a while. Everyone knows anyone with an iPhone will soon become addicted to it, so I’d say it’s a good thing.

A small test was done to measure the willingness to drop someone else’s phone and still smile about it. Let’s just say that the as long as someone says it’s OK for you to drop it, you’ll do it with pleasure. So what is the highest distance you can drop it from and what will it do to your iPhone? Well, these questions don’t exactly get answered, and I would like to see a video of some rooftop drops and the results, just for the fun of it. That surely would make an impact in people’s minds who hold the thickest and most durable iPhone cover ever created to date. Is it bulky? You bet it is! Haven’t you heard that big is beautiful?

The guys over at ArkWhat have some really nice stuff, and I would encourage anyone to drop by their website to check out more goodies they have developed.