Bit Rebels Roll Out New Feature | Visitor Submitted Articles

Bit Rebels, once again, has a monumental new feature to announce. This new and exciting feature will surely bring another dimension to Bit Rebels and will ultimately upgrade the content published. Even though things will very much stay the same in terms of what content is shared, with this new feature, we will sport a wider and even more interesting spread of articles.

Our new feature, called “VSA” (standing for Visitor Submitted Article) will give you, our visitors, a chance to get your material published and seen by the millions of people that visit Bit Rebels each month. Whether it is a geeky, cool or inspirational find, or maybe just an informative article that you have written yourself, if published, you can be sure to create a nice traffic stream back to your own website and also gain many more followers and friends on your favorite Social Networking sites.

However, we will only choose a few articles each day that we find interesting and that fit for our audience. Making your article stand out is a great way to increase your chances of your article being chosen and published. We will still only post one article every four hours (however, if this new feature is successful, we have no reason not to start posting articles even more frequently) so the competition will be tough. However, to make Bit Rebels both more informative and news worthy as well as to keep delivering the latest and greatest to you, we have to be selective.

Also, not too long ago, we silently rolled out another feature that profoundly changed the way you read and find articles on Bit Rebels. The new “Random” button on the right side bar is exactly what you think it is. With over 1,600 articles and growing fast, finding new cool and inspiring things on Bit Rebels can sometimes seem daunting if you just browse page by page. Instead, what the “Random” button does is to randomize a search in the pond of articles and then show it to you. This way, you just have to click one button and you will always have something new to read.

We hope these new features make you even more excited about visiting Bit Rebels each day. We appreciate all the feedback you’ve given us thus far and we continue to use it to make Bit Rebels better and better for you! We know that if it wasn’t for our readers, we would not be here, so once again we’d like to say thank you for your support as we all continue this journey together!