Bit Rebels turns 6 months today!

So the day finally came when Bit Rebels turned 6 months. A milestone that is too far out for me to even start to comprehend. It might sound like a cliche but I can honestly say that it feels like it was yesterday I came up with the concept and invited Misty Belardo to join in on the fun. We strategically invited new people to join the rebel force to bring our readers informative, knowledgeable and fun bite sized articles. Sometimes we’ve even embraced the keyboard to give you full sized articles just because some things just can’t be said in small sentences. We became four people, then seven and then grew to the full force of 12 active rebel writers all dedicated to give you their very best.

I am so proud of the Bit Rebels team and every single one of the writers occupies a separate and special place in my heart. I am so humbled by the sheer talent and the dedication you all showcase in each and every single post. I am amazed over what we have created together and it is far beyond any of my wildest dreams. I am truly blessed and grateful for every word you write and keep thinking about what great friends we have all become.

6 months and counting and we won’t stop. Not as long as we’re having fun and love what we do. Not as long as we feel we’re giving something to the community without expecting anything in return. The success of Bit Rebels is dedicated to each and everyone of you and this will be a true adventure. 2010 will become one of the most interesting years in a very long time. As a matter of fact I can’t really remember when I felt this much excitement towards a new year. I foresee a lot of fun and maybe even a meet-up for all of us.

I also want to share my gratitude and thanks to all our amazing visitors and readers. All of you that has kept visiting us throughout these 6 months. We are all truly grateful for your support and all your comments. They build us up inside and keep us heartfelt dedicated to bring you more and exciting angles of current events. You guys are the ones that keep us doing what we do. You keep us happy and inspired. On behalf of all the Bit Rebels team I say thank you! Thank you and I hope we will keep seeing you return to visit us over and over again.

So, what have Bit Rebels achieved in it’s 6 months since our launch back in June, the 9th to be exact? Well, if I could get the honor of saying so I would say A LOT! I have compiled some statistics for all of you so you can see for yourself what you, our visitors and readers, and we at Bit Rebels have managed to achieve.

Bit Rebels Statistics

  • Launch date: June 9th, 2009
  • Number of writers: 14 (12 active)
  • Number of articles: 1,108
  • Number of comments: 5,087
  • Number of categories: 10
  • Number of tags used: 2,644
  • Number of page views: 2,833,751
  • Number of unique visitors: 1,326,884
  • Monthly number of page views: 1,515,679 (November)
  • Monthly unique visitors: 762,648 (November)
  • Number of visiting countries: 189
  • Most visiting country: United States
  • Most Digg:ed article: 1,415 | (How To: Correctly Eat A Chicken Wing)
  • Number of Digg front pages: 3
  • Most Retweeted article: 694 | (10 Acts of Twitter Kindness)
  • Unique visitors through search engines: 59,416
  • Unique visitors peak day: Monday, 30th of November | (29,482 unique visitors)
  • Number of collective Twitter followers for all writers: 300,454

If that is nothing short of amazing I don’t know what is. Never did I think Bit Rebels would do so well in its first 6 months. We have no other people to thank for that then all the people that have visited, read and retweeted our articles throughout the time of our existence. Thank you!

Not to reveal too much but I can tell you all that we have something really awesome coming up for you guys either at the end of December or in the beginning of January. It’s not entirely settled when yet but it’s a little thank you from us to you. I am not saying more than that.

So, with this post I pretty much think we have managed to wrap up our first 6 months in a little bundle of statistics and joy. Now we dedicated move on to the remaining 6 months until we turn 1 year. Oh, and we are also really looking forward to the year of 2010. We believe great things will happen this up-coming year. We just don’t know what it is yet.

Thanks again for all your support and unconditional dedication!

Yours Truly,
Richard Darell & The Bit Rebels Team