Fake Girlfriend Device Simulates A Girlfriend (Complete With Hugs)

Long gone are the days when geeks can’t get girlfriends. That stereotype has been shattered many times, and now geeks are in high demand, well, at least most geeks I know. For some people, it still might be tough though, which is why this fake girlfriend device was created. Yes, for some people it may be easier to create a fake girlfriend than to get a real one, which is endearing in a geeky kind of way.

Three engineering students in Japan created this fake girlfriend device. Although it may seem lame compared to a real girlfriend, try to see the creativity and fun in their high tech innovation. It’s basically a coat and headphones combination. The coat will give you the sensation of being hugged from behind (like a girlfriend might do when she runs up behind you), and through the headphones, you’ll hear her whisper in your ear (although the voice sounds like a little kid, which is a bit creepy).

This girlfriend coat is called the Riajyuu Coat, and it was designed by students Maito Omari, Hikaru Sugira and Kota Shinbayashi. According to hardware engineer Hikaru Sugira, “The concept of this device is to give everyone the feeling of having a girlfriend.” This reminds me a little of The Jacket That Makes Internet Hugs Feel Real With Facebook Likes. It’s a jacket that inflates and squeezes you like a hug each time someone likes something on your Facebook page. Apparently hugs are in high demand.

So if you are craving some ‘girlfriend hugs,’ but you don’t have a girlfriend, maybe you can make one of these coats for yourself. This particular one is not for sale, and I don’t think they have any intention of producing them. However, at least now all three of them have girlfriends, even if they’re fake girlfriends.

Fake Girlfriend Device Simulates A Girlfriend

Or at least it’s supposed to…





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