The Blockchain Is Moving On Up

Instead of us seeing blockchain in the research and development laboratories we now see it moving into real-world applications which means that there is now a global market for the technology, and some researchers are expecting a compound annual growth rate of 74.1% from 2018 which could easily reach over $28 million by 2025.

Most associated with crypto-currencies blockchain could now be poised to be an important tool in the mobile developer’s arsenal. Blockchain can be programmed to record not just financial transaction but just about everything of value too, making its potential widespread, and increasingly it is been used for mobile development.

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It really has not taken that long for leading technology companies in the software industry to realize just how far blockchain can go beyond crypto-currencies.

Blockchain will be able to boost existing companies as well as new businesses and we are seeing massive funding and investments on start-ups based on the blockchain.

Many of us that play at online casinos that can accept New Zealand players are used to paying for games using bitcoin, one of the most successful crypto-currencies. Many players like the way that exchanges are almost instantaneous. Any fees incurred are smaller than other payment methods, and blockchain is anonymous which means that there is no need to give personal details to any site.

It’s predicted that there will be a yearly continual growth of 42.8% in blockchain until 2022 and recent figures show that starting with $945 million back in 2017 the blockchain market spending is estimated to reach a staggering $9.7 billion in 2021.

Both Apple and Microsoft are showing greater interest in blockchain with Microsoft launching an enterprise blockchain whilst appl has filed a petition which all hints toward future plans involving blockchain.

With the amount of money invested into the Start-Ups in the blockchain sector doubling from $55 million in 2016 to $1032 million in 2017 mobile app developers are now far more interested in the promise that blockchain holds within their world.

In fact, there is a who new arena of technical specification in blockchain that could eventually revolutionize mobile apps, regardless of what niche any particular app belongs to, and whether that app relates to the iPhone or Android devices.

The future is exciting, especially if you are involved any way whatsoever with new apps either in the development or the use, blockchain is the way to go, and 2019 could just be the year it all takes off.

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