Body Mouse: A Computer Mouse As Creepy As It Sounds

Throughout history, there have been quite a few creations that were meant to enhance a computer both technologically as well as design wise. Most of the things that have been launched and marketed have not caught on, and instead, they’ve fallen into the shadows of tech duds that should have never been created. It seems the mindset of a some people is just too negative for technology to move forward. Without the duds, there would be no innovation. You have to innovate and be ready to fail in order to find the successes that will drive the world forward for a few years. It’s just how it goes, and we’re fortunate that the world has so many people out there ready to take the bitter in order to taste the sweet, if you know what I mean.

When it comes to the Body Mouse; however, I am in a quarantine zone which I don’t really know how to write myself out of. The concept, the design, and the idea are out of this world. Even though I can see that this thing is entirely made up of computer generated graphics, it’s still one of those odd things that I never thought I would see. It’s somewhat like the Body Stiletto Heels that I wrote about a few weeks back. It’s gross and weird, but you can’t stop looking at it.

It’s created by concept designer Chris Lomaka, and it serves a purpose unknown to me. Maybe it’s just to research the 3D render software that he is using, or maybe it’s simply just to gross people out and get into the viral stream of the spotlight. With all that, I might add that I don’t want anyone to think I don’t really like the way this is created. It’s one of those really interesting, but absolutely nutty, ideas that we don’t really know from what corner of a brain it came from. Well, it came from Chris, and whatever reasons he had for creating this, I am sure it made perfect sense to him. It’s a weird thing done perfectly awesome. Don’t you agree?

Body Mouse Concept Computer Accessory