Brain-Controlled App Holds Your Calls If Your Brainwaves Are Busy

There are some things that are created in the world of technology that we’ll probably never use, but they are still fun to check out anyway. Those things get released all the time, and they are always good for a smile. The perfect example is a toaster I wrote about a while back that toasts the weather forecast onto your breakfast toast. Today I’d like to share another one of those quirky little things that will definitely make you smile. It’s basically a brain-controlled office assistant.

The app is called Good Times, and it was created by Ruggero Scorcioni who is the CEO of brainYno. It’s a brain-controlled mobile app (accompanied by a headset) that is smart enough to know when you are busy or concentrating on something, and during those times, it will forward all your calls to voicemail. Remember those brain-controlled cat ears that went viral about a year ago? This is an advanced form of that technology (he hacked the ears).

According to Popsci, “When your brainwave activity is very high, the device assumes you’re mentally very engaged, working hard on something, and thus do not want to be disturbed. If anyone tries to call during that time, he or she will get voicemail, which the headset has activated via Bluetooth. Once your brainwave activity has lessened, people will be able to get through again.”

You may think this all sounds funny, but this app recently won first prize ($30,000) in the AT&T Hackathon contest. The exciting thing is that this technology has a lot more applications than just rerouting your phone calls to voicemail. It could also do things like change the television station for you if you’re bored with the current show, change the music on your smartphone if you’re in the mood for something different, etc. It will be very interesting to see how far this brain-controlled technology goes, and how much of it becomes mainstream.

Brain-Controlled App Holds Your Calls If Your Brainwaves Are Busy



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